10 Reasons You Should be Shopping at Dollar Store

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Table of Contents

  1. It’s a Treasure Hunt
  2. Destination for Inexpensive Cards and Gift bags etc
  3. Awesome Holiday Decor
  4. Huge Savings
  5. You Can Get Craft Items
  6. Looking to De-Clutter Your Kitchen
  7. You Can Find Branded Products
  8. Coupons are Accepted
  9. Inspires Creativity
  10. Find Books and Movies

Assume that you have visited a friend of yours and have taken a glimpse of the fabulous way he has decked up the interiors in an inexpensive manner or your child wants some material for the school project work. Doesn’t it trigger your desire too to replicate yours as well? The answer is certainly an emphatic ‘yes’. But the cost and the availability of supplies may be a stumbling block. That’s when the dollar stores play a vital role. Shopping at a dollar shop can save you big bucks if you do it right. Plus, the prime advantage is that your dollar stores carry everything you need, under one roof, thus you don’t have to run around to various stores to fulfill your need. If you are a creative minded, and can afford to spend some spare time on DIY, a lot of fresh ideas will emerge in your mind when you carefully browse through the supplies on display. Whether you are a student or a parent, every art and craft items are very essential, and you will find you made a right choice of visiting the dollar store. Scroll down for 10 valuable tips you should be loyal buyer at dollar store.

  1. It’s a Treasure Hunt

    You may be surprised to know that dollar store often gets items that are nowhere in supply. May be because when store need to make room for new products, old products are passed on to dollar stores. At times, you find, dishes, desk lamps, and large packages of branded food products at discounted rates. It’s a bonanza for the shoppers.

  2. Destination for Inexpensive Cards and Gift Bags etc

    Destination for Inexpensive Cards and Gift Bags etc

    These are sold at 1 to $2 which is quite amazing, gift bag of any size for only one dollar. Equally, dollar store does have nicer cards for one dollar and you can even pick handmade cards there during holidays.

  3. Awesome Holiday Décor

    Awesome Holiday Décor

    You will find décor for all the major holidays, not only for Easter or Christmas. Anyone who shops at dollar store will tell you how much they love the holiday décor. Such strong loyalty by the shoppers to these products dealt by dollar stores is what makes them grow from strength to strength.

  4. Huge savings

    To clarify my misconception about the prices, as a cherry picker who shops store to store around me, based on the price, I keep a mental spread sheet of the best deals from week to week. This exercise was a real eye opener to me. So, I was surprised that all of us CR shoppers found that a dollar store was less expensive, on a unit cost basis than super markets for our supplies.

  5. You can get Craft Items

    This is a great advantage of dollar stores. You can find everything related to art and crafts from colored pencils to crap papers, crayons and name any, you will get it in these stores at shockingly low price, including mod podge etc.

  6. Looking to De-Clutter Your Kitchen

    Looking to De-Clutter Your Kitchen

    Then this is the store for you. Storage containers of variety of sizes, colors, and shapes are available here.

  7. You can Find Branded Products

    The branded products sold in dollar stores are compliant to the law of the land in terms of quality, quantity and price. Plus, branded products will enable you to compare the prices charged by a store for a particular product with another store, where by, you are doubly convinced that you have made the best buy.

  8. Coupons are Accepted

    During course of the month or the year you may earned several coupons against purchase of variety of items. Preserve them carefully and redeem it at the time of your purchases from dollar stores. There shall be reduction in the price of the commodity you intend to buy to the extent of the redeemable value of the coupons.

  9. Inspires Creativity

    As said earlier, a visit to a dollar store shall certainly boost your creative faculty. Usually, you have an idea, but requisite supplies are a hindrance. Search for dollar store DIY on you tube and you will be amazed at what you can make using the dollar store products. Such creative activities are said to be a stress buster, be it on children or adults.

  10. Find Books and Movies

    Another rich dividend one can reap by shopping with dollar store is that you can find movies and books here. Movies aren’t always available, but books are. Hardbacks, paperbacks, adult coloring books-you will be impressed by their book selection and the huge amount of money you save.

Dollar stores are stocked with almost everything you need, from party items to stationery, art and craft items, all at about at a discount of 70%. Of late, you will find dollar stores are spreading by leaps and bounds across the globe. It’s because of the customer base they command, following their easy accessibility, range of products and the competitive price they charge.